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Replacement Battery for Odonnell 7798S

8V 3 Ah SLA SEALED LEAD ACID. Weight: 1.82 pounds, Length: 5.28 inches, Width: 1.42 inches, Height: 2.68 inches, Amps: 3.00, Chemistry: SLA OR VRLA VALVE REGULATED S, Voltage: 8.00. Also Fits: Abbott Labora 5000 PLUM XL, Abbott Labora FLEXIFLO QUA, Abbott Labora LIFE CARE 41, Abbott Labora LIFE CARE 50, Abbott Labora PCA 3, Abbott Laboratories CARDIAC OUTPUT 3300 , Abbott Laboratories LIFE CARE 4100 PCA PUMP, Access Batter 58321WCXL, Access Batter MLA518, Access Batter MLA83741G, Air Shields Medical 9000 APNEA MONITOR, Alphasource AS10430, Alphasource AS10430S, Alphasource AS107964, Alphasource AS10796A, Alphasource AS10798S , Anybattery 4494, Anybattery 4510, Anybattery 4714, Anybattery 5679, Apple 07190269 W/, Baxter Health 8100 FLOGARD, Baxter Health 8200 FLOGARD, Baxter Healthcare ASAT PULSE OXIMETER, Digitron Scal DW200 ELECTR, Digitron Scales D200 SCALE, Digitron Scales D210 SCALE, Digitron Scales D500 SCALE, Diversified M SLA832, Diversified Medical LP91WC3, Diversified Medical S854C, Hamilton Industries 6K10 SCALE, Hamilton Industries 6K11 SCALE, Hamilton Industries SK10 SCALE, Hamilton Industries SK11 SCALE, Health-O-mete 2000 HEALTHO, Health-O-mete 2101 HEALTHO, Health-O-mete 2200 HEALTHO, Health-O-mete 2201 HEALTHO, Health-O-mete 2500 HEALTHO, Interstate Batteries ASLA0988, ISL PAIN CONTROL UNIT, Ivion Inc. 2000 INFUSIO, Keeler REGULAR SITE MACHINE, Mdt Biologic CASTLE STERILIZER, Medex Inc. 2000 INFUSION CONTROLLER, MESA 6K10 SCALE, MESA 6K11 SCALE, MESA SK10 SCALE, MESA SK11 SCALE, Odonnell 7052P, Odonnell 7430P, Odonnell 7430S, Odonnell 7798S, Odonnell A20827S, Ohmeda 3710 PULSE OXIMETER, Powersonic PS832, PPG Biomedical Syste PM2B EKG MONITOR, Protocol Syst 101106 PORTA, Protocol Syst 104EL ENCORE, Protocol Syst 204EL ENCORE, Protocol Syst 501000800, Protocol Systems 102 PROPAQ, Protocol Systems 106 PROPAQ, R&D 5503, Ross Laboratories (A FLEXIFLO QUANTUM, Siemens 2870728, Siemens 630, Siemens 630 TRANSPORT MONITOR, Siemens SIRECUST 630, Siemens TRANSPORT MONITOR 630, Simed ASAT, Simed S100, Simed S100E PULSE, Simed S50, Sonnenschein 07190268, Sonnenschein 07190269, Sonnenschein A20827S, Sonnenschein M84001A2080025S, Sonnenschein NGA20802D5HSOSA, Sonnenschein S83C, Spacelabs Med 14 ARRHYTHMI, Spacelabs Med 90306 ALPHA, Spacelabs Medical 90303 ALPHA PC2 MONITOR, Spacelabs Medical 90305 ALPHA PC2 MONITOR, Sr Instrument DW200 SCALE, SR Instruments SW200 SCALE, Unipower B00920, Unipower B10430, Unipower B10798, Unipower B11052, Unipower B11142, Universal Battery UB830, Vickers 9000 APNEA MONITOR, SLA832.
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